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How do I get to the Yoga Center in Rishikesh? (Transportation)?

There are many ways to get to our Yoga Center in Rishikesh. You could come by flight, bus, train or taxi. However, we recommend taking a flight. The closest airport to Rishikesh is in Dehradun. You could book a fligh from your country to Delhi and then a domestic one from Delhi to Dehradun. It is a short flight (30 minutes) and wont cost you much. We could arrange a taxi pick up for you from Dehradun Airport, costing around $20. The drive from Dehradun airport our Yoga Center is only 30 minutes. We do not provide a taxi pick up from Delhi or Haridwar.

What experience or qualifications do I need in order to join the SIYA Yoga Teacher Training programme?

No experience or qualifications are necessary to join the Yoga Teacher Training programme but you should be enthusiastic about yoga. People from all walks of life are eligible to partake in the courses and receive the benefits from it. The one and only requirement for the course is to keep an understanding level and exhibit values towards the importance of yoga and its vastness. There are no boundaries or restrictions based on religion, region or relation. Any academic qualifications or other experiences may be helpful in perfecting your practice and teaching style but are not necessary.

The target of this course is to clarify the correct positioning of each asana and to develop the correct approach to accomplish each pose. Vital areas for strengthening your Yoga Teaching skills, like philosophy, anatomy, classroom administration and other spiritual arena, will be a part of this training programme. The SIYA Yoga Teacher Training programme will provide you with a complete environment to become a well rounded yoga teacher.

Which forms of yoga will I learn in the SIYA Yoga Teacher Training programme?

Our Yoga Teacher Training programme was designed to consider all the areas of yoga. All of the basics and principles of yogic science have been implemented into the programme. Since yoga is a vast subject with many traditions and styles, we are touching the surface of each subject to cover all of the varieties. A practical and theoretical base will be established during the specified time span leaving you with the skills necessary to grow and improve your practice. Our goal is to offer yoga as a course so that materialistic and spiritual power can be improved. Our teachers are knowledgeable in all areas of yogic science.

In which language are the courses of the SIYA Yoga Teacher Training programme taught?

English is the medium for the Yoga Teacher Training programme so it is good to be knowledgeable in English. There are no restrictions though. People who are not proficient at English can also enroll for the programme because yoga is connected with the spirit, feelings and emotions.

What are my chances of becoming a teacher after successfully completing the SIYA Yoga Teacher Training programme?

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a government approved and internationally accepted certificate of completion. This award authorizes you as a Certified Yoga Teacher and you can run your own yoga training classes anywhere in the world. You will have a better chance working as a volunteer with the guidance of knowledgeable teachers that can help you to sharpen your skills. Today, the importance of yoga has been realized globally and as a yoga teacher you can spread your wings across the sky of healthy, physical and spiritual lives. With the skills learned by completing your Yoga Teacher Training, you can benefit all human beings, giving you immense satisfaction and monetary aid.

What study materials do I need and where do I get them?

Sithanna International Yoga Academy provides you with all of the necessary study materials for the Yoga Teacher Training programme. Our study material is well designed in an easy comprehensive manner which is simple to adopt and learn. You may choose to bring a notebook and pen for taking notes from course lessons but these items can also be purchased from nearby shops.

Will it affect my learning if I am unable to attend classes continuously?

Since the duration of the SIYA Yoga Teacher Traning programme is a very short period of time, each class lesson is very important to developing all of your yoga skills. Knowledge that is not fully developed never gets noticed and with just one missed day of class essential principles can be lost. 99% course attendance is a must.

Will I have free time to get involved in other activities?

We need only one month to make you an excellent yoga teacher. That is why students are requested not to join with other activities during course time. There will be no classes one day off the week. There are also daily breaks between classes that allow you some free time.

What are the class sizes of the SIYA Yoga Teacher Training programme?

Each monthly SIYA Yoga Teacher Training programme has a maximum of 45 to 55 students for 200 hour yoga course with two different group and 10 to 20 student for 300 hour yoga course with different small group. and 5 to 10 students for 500 hour course.We are a quality based yoga institute so rather than try to increase our class sizes we try to increase the caliber of our students through smaller course sizes.

Who else will be attending the SIYA Yoga Teacher Training programme courses with me?

Our students ages range anywhere from kids to adults. Sithanna International Yoga Academy is open to every nation of the world and we see attendance from all over the world. The atmosphere of Sithanna International Yoga Academy is that of a family, helping each other to learn and improve.

Do I need to bring my yoga mat with me?

You are welcome to bring your own if you prefer and new mats can also be purchased in the market nearby or at the Academy. There may also be mats at the Academy which you could use but we suggest using your own mat as the Academys are used by everybody.

Is my visa required to attend the SIYA Yoga Teacher Training programme?

Yes, if international travel rules and regulations require you to have a visa for the travel into India. There are some nations which do not require a visa for entry. A tourist visa should supply you with sufficient time to complete your Yoga Teacher Training programme but please ensure that the period of your visa is not less than the course period.

What is the availability of daily use products nearby Sithanna International Yoga Academy ?

Sithanna International Yoga Academy is nearby a market where you can find all necessities with ease.

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