How to Register

Step 1

Click on Enroll Button from the above menu.
If you are not registered with us then fill-up the all details and register here.
If you are already registered then Click login on registration page and then fillup your credential and click login.

Step 2

After you registered or login, Click on My Profile from the left menu, and fill or update your all profile information.

Step 3

Now click on My Booking from the left menu, here you saw all previous booking history. So now click on New Booking, A page will open, select the appropriate course details/schedules and all and click book.

Step 4

After submit, You need to pay the full amount via the online mode.

Once we got your payment we will confirm your Booking. You may always check status of booking by coming to my Booking Page. Once we confirm your payment and Booking, Your status will be "Confirm".

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